Waste Water Treatment Plant

Waste Water Treatment Plant

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Waste Water Treatment Plant demands as much attention, and the need for integrated solutions, as other processes within your operation. If you think about it, there are not many other processes that have so much variability in the input, yet a consistent, high quality output is required. We offers a number of tools to efficiently analyze, evaluate, and treat your entire wastewater operation from primary clarification to discharge.

We are supplying mainly following engineering solutions:

  • Waste Water Treatment Plant (WTP)
  • Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

The features of Waste Water Treatment Plant systems are determined by:

The nature of the municipal and industrial wastes that are conveyed to them by sewers,
The amount of treatment required to preserve and/or improve the quality of the receiving bodies of water.

Our range of products and activities includes the following:

  • Eco friendly & less energy and maintenance based treatment systems
  • These enable checking the water pollution caused due to industrial & population growth
  • Package and custom built sewage treatment plants based on ultramodern techniques
  • Oil water separators
  • Grey water treatment & recycle for toilets and irrigation