Zero Liquid Discharge Plant

Zero Liquid Discharge Plant

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Zero Liquid Discharge Plant is based a technique to purify water by leaving zero discharge after complement of the treatment. It is the most economical, effective and advanced waste water treatment process. Our offered plant incorporates all the modern techniques such as ultrafiltration (where dichlronization takes place), reverse osmosis (to purify water), evaporization or crystallization (for solid waste) and electrodeionzation. It offers a cost-effective and reliable solution to the industries. It is capable to recover over 95% of waste water while lowering the left over brine as solid particles.

Our offered zero liquid discharge plant can efficiently meet IGCC plant and cooling tower blowdown discharge regulations. It turns the waste water into a clean one that becomes reusable or is stored for different industrial operations. It help industries to reduce the use of fresh water. Our offered plant is quality authenticated and tested to determine its optimum performance.

Used in different applications :

  • Cooling tower blow down
  • Gasifiction Wastewater Plant Discharge Compliance
  • Flue Gas Desulphurization
  • Coal to Chemicals waste